Capability Statement: Your Other Business Card For The Government Marketplace

October 17, 2017
Category: Marketing & Sales

How do you market your business to government agencies?

With a well-structured Capability Statement.

Capability Statement is a common marketing tool that businesses use to highlight their skills, resources, and experience when communicating with government agencies. In supply and distribution industries, capability statement is often called a line card.

capability statement

Types of Capability Statements

Capability statements come in various forms. Below is a quick overview of the most common types of capability statement. 

1-Page Capability Statement

The most common is the 1-page (or 2-page front and back) card. This is typically a standard 8 x 10 sheet with your company’s information on it. Unlike a typical marketing flyer, a capability statement must contain specific language that speaks to the government. This would include your company’s NAICS codes, DUNS number, Cage code, Small Business Certification status, etc.

The 1-page capability statement is best suited for direct marketing, mailings, trade shows, or other events where you might meet a prospective buyer or influencer. However, it does not contain enough information for government agencies to form an opinion about your business.

10-Page Capability Statement

A 10-page capability statement is used to sell your company to government agencies. This version provides a broader view of your company’s capabilities, resources, and experience that speak loudly about your ability to perform high-quality work. The expanded capability statement includes resumes or bios of key personnel, selected project experience, pictures of some of the completed projects, etc. This can be used when responding to sources sought statements, or sent to key buyers and influencers at your target agencies to highlight your company’s strengths and shape favorable perceptions of your business.

Long Version – “Statement of Qualifications”

The last version, or what I call the “long version” capability statement, would go into even further detail about your company and would be approximately 20 – 30 pages in length. These are used when you really want to showcase your business to the fullest in a concise and targeted manner. The “long version” is most commonly referred to as a “Statement of Qualifications” or “SOQ”. This version is also great for presenting your company to your top 3-5 target customers as well as integrating into your proposals.