Govology Team

Meet Our Team

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Carroll Bernard

Founder, CEO, our go-to guy for all things government contracting 

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Elena Bernard, Ph.D

Founder, Marketing Director, Copywriter, Webmaster, and the list goes on

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Jesse Anderson

Director of Operations and the guy who takes care of customers

The rest of our gang:

Mary Ann Vienneau

Taireez Niswander

Sophia Bernard

Anya Bernard 

 Collective Skills & Experience:

  • Government Contracting: Carroll has done it all – buying, selling, and teaching others how to do it well.
  • Marketing: Elena has a PhD in Marketing so she probably knows a thing or two about it.
  • Education: We develop college-style courses – after all, we have a marketing professor with over 17 years of college teaching at the helm.
  • Customer Service: We love and take care of our community. We don’t have an army of support personnel, but why would we need an army when we have Jesse. 

Govology Mascot

Co-founders’ dog Chappy 

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Steven Koprince

Managing Partner 

Koprince Law LLC

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Joshua Frank

Managing Partner at RSM Federal

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Maria Panichelli


Cohen Seglias Pallas Greenhall & Furman PC

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Jenny W. Clark



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Jeff Cuskey


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Stephanie Amend


Arrowhead Solutions LLC

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Judy Bradt


Summit Insight

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Robert Jones

Left Brain Professionals

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Carrie Ann Williams