2. New Client Acquisition and Intake

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Format: On-demand webcast
Duration: Approx. 60 minutes
Instructors: Steve Meredith and Carroll Bernard
Learning Credits: 1 ATC
APTAC BOK: A.3 Program Requirements – Counseling Intake; F.1 Teaching Skills
*This course was updated in November 2021.


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One of the metrics by which PTAC counselors are judged is the number of counseling hours they offer to their clients. While PTAC counselors can achieve these hours by assisting clients with the five areas of PTAC assistance, new PTAC counselors may find that many of their hours come from assisting new clients. This course is designed to give PTAC counselors tips and tricks to help them maintain a steady stream of new clients so that they can work towards fulfilling their DLA counseling goals.

Target Audience: New PTAC counselors


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