10. Preparing For And Walking Your Client Through A Proposal Review

About this product

Format: On-demand webcast
Duration: Approx. 60 minutes
Instructor: Dr. James Phillips
Learning Credits: 1 ATC
APTAC BOK:  C.19 Contract Compliance Issues;  F.1 Teaching Skills


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You have a busy schedule with many clients, and you need to give each client a personalized experience when looking at their proposal, what do you do?  In this session, we will help you to optimize and efficiently use your proposal review time. We’ll show you how to prioritize the review to find “the important few” that can quickly eliminate your client’s proposal from consideration i.e., timeliness, responsiveness, and compliance. If you follow our disciplined approach, you’ll become better and faster at proposal reviews.

Target Audience: Novice and experienced PTAC counselors


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