Teaming, Joint Ventures and Mentor-Protégé Relationships on Federal Contracts


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Format: On-demand webcast
Duration: Approx. 90 minutes
Instructor: Maria Panichelli
APTAC Certifications: 0.75 ATC
APTAC BOK: D.7 Teaming Arrangements, Agreements and Joint Ventures


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In the last few years, the FedCon community has been abuzz with excitement over teaming, joint venturing, and mentor-protégé arrangements. However, the concepts and requirements relating to teams and joint ventures are often misunderstood. Many contractors confuse teaming, joint venturing, and the formation of mentor-protégé relationships. These types of partnerships have some major differences and raise different types of compliance concerns.

In this webinar, experienced Federal Contracting attorney, Maria Panichelli, will explain the differences between teaming arrangements and joint ventures, and provide strategies for determining which type of partnership is right for you and your business. She will also discuss how to form an eligible JV, the proper procedures for entering into an enforceable teaming agreement, important clauses you should include in these types of agreements, as well as common pitfalls you should avoid. She will consider the practical implications of negotiating terms of a teaming or JV agreement and will also discuss other partnering strategies, including mentor-protégé relationships.

Target Audience: Small business contractors who want to strengthen their position in the federal marketplace through teaming

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  1. Many steps are required to forming an effective team after entering into a Mentor-Protégé agreement. This webinar was very informative on the “‘next steps” after the MPA is approved in regards to companies working together on contracts. Maria did a great job breaking down the differences in strategy, both pros and cons, of teaming, joint ventures and the Mentor-Protégé Programs. I originally had to locate most of this information myself. This webinar is very helpful in understanding and initiating a team effort for contracts. Well worth the time it saves breaking down the regulations and making sure you have the most current information after the changes that took place in the last couple of years.

    LSummers (verified owner)

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