Understanding The VIPR Electronic Bidding System


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Format: On-demand webcast
Duration: Approx. 90 minutes
Instructor: Doug Bolender
APTAC Certifications: 0.75 ATC
APTAC BOK: C.20 Contract Vehicles; C.9 Bids and Solicitations (Core)


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Virtual Incident Procurement (VIPR) is an electronic bidding and award system currently used by the Forest Service for wildland firefighting solicitations.  VIPR allows the Contracting Officers (COs) to create, award, and manage wildland fire resource solicitations and agreements through an electronic procurement process.  VIPR provides numerous tools for COs to use for incident blanket purchase agreements (I-BPAs), including creation of solicitations and amendments, collection and evaluation of offers, electronic award and modification of agreements, electronic management of contract files, and creation of Dispatch Priority Lists (DPLs) that can then be used on wildland fires by the Forest Service and other Federal and State government agencies.

It is important for small businesses to know how to use VIPR if they are wildland firefighting companies (vendors) that wish to respond to new wildland resource equipment and personnel solicitations and for vendors responding to modifications to agreements previously awarded.  VIPR is the only acceptable platform for bidding on these fire solicitations in Forest Service Regions that are using this system. These awarded agreements can be utilized across the United States for any natural disaster.

After watching this webcast, you will be able to understand the requirements necessary to successfully bid and be awarded in the VIPR electronic bidding system.

Target Audience: Small businesses pursuing federal market opportunities

3 reviews for Understanding The VIPR Electronic Bidding System

  1. This is an excellent introduction to the VIPR system used for submitting offers to the US Department of Agriculture. Placing and managing online quotes can be quite confusing for small businesses, as each of the systems has its own unique issues. Mr. Bolender’s step-by-step approach to using this system helped me make more sense out of it. He provides a useful guide, and he adds a few tips along the way.

    Judy Warren (verified owner)

  2. This webinar provides an easy to understand, step-by-step guide for submitting a quote in VIPR. It also gives information on how to find out more about Fire Contracting and VIPR at the USDA websites.

    Patty (verified owner)

  3. Mr. Bolender seamlessly demonstrated how to navigate and utilize the VIPR System. His presentation was easy to follow with relevant and practical applications.

    Leesa (verified owner)

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