What the Heck Happened to Fedbid.com?

February 19, 2019
Category: News and Updates

Have you gone to Fedbid.com lately?

Something interesting happened recently. After one of my Govology webinars, I decided to share the link to the seller registration page at Fedbid.com with the webinar attendees. However, when I got to Fedbid.com, I was caught completely by surprise.

Fedbid.com is known as “the largest commercial marketplace for reverse auctions,” and to the best of my knowledge, the reverse auction platform used most widely by federal agencies. Hence, I often recommend that contractors check it out as a potential sales channel. We even have an on-demand course on reverse auctions, “Reverse Auctions in Government Contracting.”

Carroll puzzled over the changes on Fedbid.com

So, back to my story. I typed “fedbid.com” in the browser, but when I arrived at the site, I was taken aback and thought I was in the wrong place. The website looked nothing like what I remembered from just a couple of weeks ago. I thought I was losing my mind, or someone was trying to phish me, even though I saw big letters on the home page that read “Fedbid Is Now Unison Marketplace.” I had to double-check and retype “FEDBID.COM” in the browser, but it still brought me to the same page.

Then, I did a Google search for “Fedbid.com,” but all search results led me back to the same place. I thought, “This must be it. They must have been acquired.” So I did a little research and found out that their parent company Compusearch just went through a rebranding and is now Unison Marketplace.

It still took me a while to find the link to the seller registration page. After digging around in the newly redesigned website for a while, I finally found it. In fact, as I was writing this article, I noticed that they added the “Register” button next to the “Sign In” button. The good news is that once you click on the “Register” or “Sign in” button at the top of their homepage, everything else looks pretty much the same.