Marketing Your Small Business to Government Agencies and Prime Contractors


Course Number: Gov 103
Format: E-course
Duration: Approx. 90 minutes
Presenter: Carroll Bernard
NCMA Certifications: 1.5 CPEs
APTAC CPP Certification: 0.75 ATC
APTAC CPP BOK: C.21 Marketing to Government Agencies (Core); B.1 Marketing (Elective); C.5 Government Buying Cycle (Elective)

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This e-course will help you understand and implement best practices in marketing to government agencies.

After taking this course, you will learn:

  • how to conduct market research specific to the government marketplace using both online tools and primary research methods such as agency interviews;
  • what basic marketing materials you should have in your arsenal and how to use them effectively;
  • how to use technology to streamline and enhance your marketing efforts;
  • how to build a compelling value proposition that speaks to your target clients, and
  • how to properly respond to sources sought notices to increase your chances of getting an opportunity set aside.


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