Government Market Fundamentals

  • 1. Start Here Getting Started in the Government Marketplace

    This e-course is designed for new firms taking their first steps in the government marketplace. In this course, you will learn how to use market research to zero in on your target agencies, and select the right NAICS codes and Product Service codes to optimize your positioning as a contractor.
  • 2. Next Course Who Buys What You Sell? A Step-by-Step Process

    This course, designed for “Procurement Readiness,” will accelerate your ability to validate who buys what you sell (down to the state, city, and contracting office level). This, in turn, will help you transform how and where you engage the market and validate the competitiveness of your pricing for any specific opportunity.
  • 3. Next Course Understanding the Eligibility Requirements for Federal Small Business Certifications

    In this course, you will learn about various federal certification programs, including Small Business Self Certification, Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB) & 8(a), Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), Veteran-Owned Small Business (VOSB), Historically Underutilized Business Zones (HUBZone), Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB), and Economic Disadvantaged Woman Owned Small Business (EDWOSB).
  • 4. Next Course How to Set Up and Update Your SAM.GOV Profile PROPERLY

    In this course, you will learn the essential elements of registration and understand the federal regulations associated with creating your SAM.GOV Vendor profile. This knowledge will help you avoid making false claims to the government, which can carry stiff penalties.
  • 5. Next Course Marketing Your Small Business to Government Agencies and Prime Contractors

    This course will help you understand and implement best practices in marketing to government agencies. It covers market research, marketing materials every government contractor should have, building a compelling value proposition, and much more.
  • 6. Next Course The Federal Acquisition Regulation 101

    This course will introduce you to the most important sections of the FAR for small businesses and will show you how to navigate the FAR and its supplements. You will also learn about some of the finer details of the FAR such as the difference between provisions, prescriptions, and clauses, the anatomy of the FAR, […]
  • 7. Next Course Prospecting for Government Market Opportunities

    Did you know that the majority of government opportunities, purchases, and small projects never get posted to the general public? In this course, you’ll learn how to easily set up effective and efficient prospecting techniques for finding not only opportunities that are posted to the public but also those that are not.
  • 8. Next Course Creating Your Government Market Opportunity Forecast

    Agency-published forecasts are often inaccurate or provide little information on upcoming opportunities. This course will explain why it is important to develop an accurate forecast. You will also learn tips, strategies, and best practices for developing your own forecast of opportunities.
  • 9. Next Course Introduction To GSA And Multi-Year Contract Vehicles

    This course will explain GSA and multi-year contract vehicles from the small business perspective. After taking this training, you will be able to understand the big picture of where your small business fits in the federal marketplace and will learn about actionable items you can take to better position your business for obtaining your own multi-year contract.
  • 10. Next Course Breaking Down Federal Solicitations

    For new participants in the government market, reading and understanding federal solicitations can be a daunting task. In this e-course, you will learn how to analyze federal solicitations to ensure that your proposals are “responsive” every time.
  • 11. Next Course Creating a Capture Plan for Small Businesses in the Government Marketplace

    Many industry veterans estimate that between 40 – 80 percent of a prospect’s buying decision is decided before any proposals are submitted. In this course, we discuss how small businesses with limited resources can develop and execute their capture plan to help them increase their win rate on government contracts in advance of the solicitation.
  • 12. Next Course Intro to Teaming

    Learning how to leverage Teaming and Joint Ventures to gain a competitive advantage in the federal marketplace will enable you to pursue, win, and perform some of the largest government contracts available to small businesses throughout the geographic markets you serve.
  • 13. Last Course Submitting Compliant Offers to Government Agencies

    In this 101-level course, you will learn the basics of submitting “complaint offers” to government agencies. Specifically, you’ll learn about the three primary types of offers (quotes, bids, and proposals) solicited by government agencies, how they differ, things to consider in the bid/ no-bid decision process, and how to be well prepared when opportunity knocks.