Government Market Fundamentals

Start With Government Market Fundamentals

If you are new to government contracting, these courses will help you get up to speed and start bidding on federal contracts. If you are an experienced contractor, this training will help you brush up on the basics.

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1. Getting Started in the Government Marketplace

This e-course is designed for new firms taking their first steps in the government marketplace. In this course, you will learn how to use market research to zero in on your target agencies, and select the right NAICS codes and Product Service codes to optimize your positioning as a contractor.

small business certification

2. Understand, Obtain, And Leverage Your Small Business Certifications

In this e-course you will learn about various federal certification programs, including Small Business Self Certification, Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB) & 8(a), Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB), Historically Underutilized Business Zones (HUBZone), Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB), and Economic Disadvantaged Woman Owned Small Business (EDWOSB).

marketing to federal government

3. Marketing Your Small Business to Government Agencies and Prime Contractors

This e-course will help you understand and implement best practices in marketing to government agencies. It covers market research, marketing materials every government contractor should have, building a compelling value proposition, and much more.

federal acquisition regulation

4. Federal Acquisition Regulation 101

This e-course:

  • Provides a breakdown of the most important sections of the FAR for small businesses;
  • Shows how to navigate the FAR as well as how to access and navigate FAR supplements such as the DFARS, VAAR, or other agency-specific supplements, and
  • Discusses some of the finer details of the FAR, such as the difference between provisions, prescriptions; clauses, the anatomy of the FAR, the meaning of “incorporated by reference,” and how to find those references.
find government contracts

5. Prospecting for Government Market Opportunities

Did you know that the majority of government opportunities, purchases, and small projects never get posted to the general public? In this e-course, you’ll learn how to easily set up effective and efficient prospecting techniques for finding not only opportunities that are posted to the public but also those that are not.

forecasting government contract opportunities

6. Creating Your Government Market Opportunity Forecast

Agency published forecasts are often inaccurate or provide little information on upcoming opportunities. This e-course will explain why it is important to develop an accurate forecast. You will also learn tips, strategies, and best practices for developing your own forecast of opportunities.


7. Introduction To GSA And Multi-Year Contract Vehicles

This e-course will explain GSA and multi-year contract vehicles from the small business perspective. After taking this training, you will be able to understand the big picture of where your small business fits in the federal marketplace and will learn about actionable items you can take to better position your business for obtaining your own multi-year contract.

federal solicitations

8. Breaking Down Federal Solicitations

After taking this e-course, you will become familiar with common language seen on as we define terminology, such as special notice, solicitation, award, pre-solicitation, sources sought, justification and approval, sole source, and fair opportunity/limited sources justification. We also discuss sections of the uniform contract format, as well as tips and tricks you can use to ensure you are providing a “responsive” proposal.

federal capture planning

9. Capture Management for Small Businesses in the Government Marketplace

In this e-course, we discuss how small businesses with limited resources can develop and execute their own capture plan to help them increase their win rate on government contracts in advance of the solicitation phase. We also provide a simple capture plan template and additional resources to help you manage this essential business task.


10. How to Communicate and Build Relationships with Government Agencies

There are many myths and misconceptions about how businesses and government agencies can and should communicate with one another. These myths and misconceptions are held by people within businesses as well as government organizations. In this e-course, we discuss effective and ineffective ways small businesses use to communicate with, gain information from, and influence key stakeholders in the government.


11. Intro to Teaming

Learning how to leverage Teaming and Joint Ventures to gain a competitive advantage in the federal marketplace will enable you to pursue, win, and perform some of the largest government contracts available to small businesses throughout the geographic markets you serve. This course includes a step-by-step process that will teach you:

  • How to conduct market research to gain critical opportunity intel long in advance of solicitations being released to the general public.
  • How to identify, court, and secure some of the best teaming partners.
  • How to engage the support your firm needs to finalize your teaming and joint venture and start preparing for the proposal phase, giving you a massive competitive advantage while your competition remains clueless.