Breaking Down Federal Solicitations


About this product

Format: E-course
Duration: Approx. 90 minutes
Instructor: Carroll Bernard
NCMA Certifications: 1.5 CPEs
APTAC Certifications: 0.75 ATC
APTAC BOK: C.9 Bids and Solicitations (Core)



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For new participants in the government market, reading and understanding federal solicitations can be a bit daunting. In this e-course, we shift from finding opportunities to reviewing, analyzing, and breaking down a federal solicitation.

After taking this training, you will become familiar with common language seen on as we define government terminology, such as special notice, solicitation, award, pre-solicitation, sources sought, justification and approval, sole source, and fair opportunity/limited sources justification.

We also discuss sections of the uniform contract format, as well as tips and tricks you can use to ensure you are providing a “responsive” proposal.

Target Audience: Small businesses pursuing federal government contracts

3 reviews for Breaking Down Federal Solicitations

  1. I started to look through government websites in search of government bids/contracts/grants. It’s overwhelming. I participated in this webinar presented today, 10/22. This webinar is very informative. This webinar reviews websites to search, keywords to look for, goes into details as to what certain phrases in the solicitations mean, and provides many references and sources to help individuals wanting to work with the government. I truly recommend it.

    C. Vargas

  2. very detailed entry points for learning and understanding the prospective and objective of Government contracting.

    Stephen R White

  3. Carroll does a good job of explaining the ins and outs of the government contracting. Hard to keep up with so he hands out the presentation materials as well.

    G Nuber

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